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Hi, I’m an independent, Freelance Web Developer and Designer located in Toronto who focuses on developing simple, clean, low-cost websites for freelancers and consultants such as mortgage brokers, insurance agents, naturopaths, chiropractors, lawyers, and other individual or small businesses.

I’m also an SEO Specialist. As such, I create websites with the foundation to bring you results. A beautiful looking website is not much use if no one finds it. Don’t be fooled into just getting a beautiful site first. It does nothing for your business, unless you can get found.

Look at this site, This site isn’t even mobile friendly. I can’t stand sites like this. I don’t even bother looking at a site on my phone if it’s not mobile friendly. Yet, it’s one of the most popular financial sites in Canada! You know why? Because it gives people information they want and need. And if people want and need it, then you have to make a super ugly and horrible site for them not to use it.

So, my advice for beginning businesses is to focus on delivering what your customers want and need. Earn some money, then you can use it to make your site more fancy and pretty later.

I believe people pay too much for fantastic looking websites without results. Why pay $60, $70, $80 or more per month and several thousands for development, when it doesn’t even bring you any visitors?

Did you know there are over 1 billion websites on the internet? Do you think a nice website gets ranked better than an ugly one? Not really.

Go ahead and take a look at my consulting page on sas. Search for “sas consulting” on Google. I’m on the first page out of 29 million results!

It has absolutely no fancy bells and whistles. It basically looks like this page you’re reading right now. No sliders, no slide-in or fade-in text or images.

But, hey, I’m on the first page. And you know what? That’s what counts!

It is important to make your site look good because you don’t want a crappy site that is not mobile friendly and so slow that people will just go elsewhere. Then you need to upgrade your website.

All you really need is a clean, fast-loading, simple site that makes sense to navigate. Then work on lead generation and conversions.

Once you have the customers rolling in, then you can focus on spending more on the fanciness to keep your visitors and turn them into paying customers.

Freelance WordPress Developer

I specialize in building sites with WordPress. WordPress is the leading content management system used on the web. That is good for you. Why? Because it’s easy to manage and make changes. It’s used by large companies such as Huffington Post, and small sites like mine.

It’s also easy to add functionality to your website. Do you want to add a calendar, contact form, or other feature, WordPress has it.

Let me create a clean, simple, and beautiful looking site for you and make your first impression stand out.

How Can I Help You with Your Website?

So, are you paying $50 / month or more without getting any leads from your site? Send me a note below and let me do a free assessment.

And, if you’re paying hundreds or even thousands a month for SEO as an extra service on your website and you’re not getting any or many leads, then for sure, send me a note! Or pick up the phone and call me at 647-848-2092.

Website Offerings

What can I include in your website?

Mobile Friendliness – I can make sure your website looks good on a smartphone AND the desktop
HTTPS – I can make your site use https:// instead of http://. Why would you want to do that? It’s important for selling products and it’s also good for improving your site’s Google visibility. For many people, it’s also a sign of trust.
Forms – Do you need a contact form or subscription form? I can add that to your site.
Speed – Do you need a website that loads fast? I can make sure your hosting and site is the right one that doesn’t make your visitors wait.
Images – I can include beautiful images to relate to your site. Custom work can be done for you as well.
Video – I can add beautiful videos to your site and can create custom work for you as well.
e-Commerce – If you are selling products, I can add e-commerce functionality so you can have a shop with cart, login, tax, shipping, and user profiles, all included.
Google Maps – I can add Google Maps to your site and make it interactive or static.
Animations – Do you want text to fly in or fly out or fade in or fade out, that all can be done as well.

How much does all this cost? As low as $20 / month for the simplest sites. More depending on how busy your site is, how many pages you have, and how complicated your current site is. Setup fees start at $200 or a higher monthly price for the first year to pay for the setup cost, we can negotiate that.

DIY Websites

Maybe you’re reading this and you are you interested in an even cheaper alternative? No setup fees. Lower monthly costs? Maybe you’re looking for a really low-cost alternative and you’re a DIYer, then click here.

Hire Cedric for your Web Development Jobs and Contracts!

Ok, so you didn’t click above. Great! Send me a note below and tell me what you’re looking for. Whether you just want to lower your current monthly cost or just have a quick question on starting a site, I’m here to help.

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