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WinASweepstakes will be moving to a new platform!

 Please note that the move has been delayed indefinitely.


It will be better for publishers such as yourself and for contest visitors.

The main driver is the fact that my current site is a custom PHP site I took over. And I constantly need a developer to make changes.

The new platform will be a content management system that I can manage myself.

Now, for you, the benefit will be that the Payal will be fixed, and my transactional emails will be updated with current info (as opposed to the promotional upgrades that you can’t purchase right now)

The system will be scalable. I’ll be able to add coupons that you can publish. (Will come later).

You can also have your own profile which will show all your contests for those of you who publish a lot of contests. You’ll also be able to customize your page and profile.

I’m also implementing an easy to use roadmap and ideas section that you can post to.

For the contest visitors, they will be able to filter contests and narrow down searches better. I’ll also have countdown timers to make things more urgent to click on. (Eventually).

Thanks for reading this far!

I have an offer for those of you who have read this far 🙂

Once it’s ready for testing, I can Feature a listing for free and guaranteed social media posting in return for you registering on the beta site and providing me with feedback. And I really want feedback. I don’t need an ego boost, I really want to know your thoughts on what’s good and what’s bad.

I’ll reveal the beta site here once I feel it’s ready for testing.

A heartfelt thanks to all of you using WinASweepstakes for your contest promotions.

I am confident that once I’ve ported the contests over, I’ll be able to promote your contests much better and more easily.

And it will be a better experience for yourselves and for contest visitors.


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Any questions?

Feel free to contact me.