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As an avid internet marketer and freelance SEO Specialist, I offer SEO consulting to help you rank your website higher on the search engines, which in turn will help you boost your website traffic. Although I’m located in Toronto, I can provide my services wherever you are located.

SEO has become more important than ever today. And it is becoming increasingly important as web pages are created by the minute. As of September 2014 (NetCraft), 1 billion websites have been in existence. Estimates based on 2012 was that 140,000 websites per day were created. With so many websites, creating a great looking website isn’t enough to build your business.

Up to 71% of individuals click on the first page of search results. If you’re not on the first page, then you’re missing out on a lot of potential traffic.

So, the key question becomes: How do I get onto the first page of the search results such as Google?

This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. If you’ve already created your great looking site, then you want to make sure you get found for what you built your website around. Let’s say you’ve built a search engine marketing agency. Intuitively, you want to get found for “search engine marketing”. But, you notice your site is not even on the first 10 pages. You’ve given up looking where your page is. How can you make your website get to the top?

As a Specialist and Consultant in this area, I will review your site and help you increase it’s ranking in the search engines such as Google or Bing. My consultancy is for individuals and businesses who don’t want to do this work themselves. If you would like to do it yourself, there are lots of free tools that can help you such as Moz or SEOBook.

However, if you are having trouble or just don’t want to do it yourself so you can focus on your business, feel free to contact me via my contact form.

There is a lot of free SEO articles out there telling you white hat vs black hat techniques. All the specialists and consultants in this area will tell you they use white hat techniques. But, if they don’t, your site can be in trouble. How do you control that? Tips that come from authoritative articles conflict with tips from other articles you also thought were also authoritative. Which steps and tips do you implement?

SEO Consulting Services


An SEO Audit is a review of a web page in relation to it’s search engine friendliness. It should point out what is good and what is deficient on your web page regarding “correctness”. Correctness may be subjective for some areas, however, for most, there are best practices to follow.

Having a good web page regarding search engine friendliness will allow your web page to rank higher although it’s not sufficient to have it rank at the top.

I have software that can perform an audit and point out deficiencies that can be corrected or improved.

Read more about the SEO Audit.


Keyword research involves figuring out the word(s) used in your website that you want to be found by when someone searches Google, Yahoo!, or some other search engine. It’s key to getting found. An ideal keyword is a word people search a lot and websites for this search are poorly developed. This will make getting your website to the top a lot easier. A difficult keyword is a word where the search results have websites that are well developed from a search engine standpoint and there are a lot of websites in the results. Keyword research will help you in this area.

The key words or phrases you use are important for search engine optimization. How often does it appear in  your site? Is it overly utilized? Are related words used as well.

I can help you find keyword(s) for your website. Read more about keyword research.


Link building or creating backlinks is often the most difficult obstacle in getting to the top of the search engine. Getting backlinks can be very difficult and tedious work. It’s important to get good backlinks, not completely random ones.

You may be able to find services that can get you hundreds or thousands of backlinks for $5 or more. That may appear incredibly tempting, but, don’t do it! Remember, you need to get quality backlinks. Quality trumps quantity. A few quality backlinks will do you much more for your website than thousands of bad ones. And unfortunately, after you’ve gotten the bad backlinks, it may hurt your website. Removing them may be next to impossible. So, always make sure you’re getting quality backlinks from a reputable source.

There is a science behind link building and it involves anchor text and the type of anchor texts and the proportion of the different types of backlinks in a certain ratio. Understanding this may help when competing in very competitive niches.

But, with Google implementing artificial intelligence in their ranking, all this may be just a lost cause.

I can help you find websites so you can create quality backlinks to your website. Read more about link building.


Search engines aren’t the only way to get visitors. It’s possible to run your business just from social media sites like Facebook. Links or mentions from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram are an important factor for search engines. Being mentioned by one or more of the major social media sites will help you rank better.


Google has hundreds of factors that it looks at when ranking web pages. Titles, headings, links, images, web page load speed, and so much more. These factors are important to know and keep up to date on since every few years or so, Google changes their methodology for ranking in the search results. And between their major changes, they have minor ones as well. Recently, they have implemented daily updates into their search results and artificial intelligence. It’s important to stay on top of these changes to remain at the top.

I stay current on the factors that matter the most.

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Contact me below and send me a note. Feel confident you will get excellent customer service throughout the contract.

I use white-hat, ethical SEO and can inform you how I am increasing your web page ranking. I will not use any black box or black hat techniques on your site.

Sample SEO Work

It’s a bit risky putting out the top keywords you rank for. Other people will just try and outdo you, so I’ve kept some secret and I can reveal it to appropriate individuals for the right reason, i.e. you want to hire me.

Because someone will inevitably try and outdo the keywords I list below, I’ve kept a video proof of my work. I don’t see it necessary for me to consistently maintain a top spot as it just becomes more like a game where someone else outranks me then I try and boost my site again and then the other person tries again and so on. Maintaining top spot does require some extra work if others are trying to outdo you. And this will happen, for sure, when you publicly show the keywords you rank for.

This is why if you look at the top seo specialists’ websites, you can’t find any work where they demonstrated top spots they attained. It’s just talk about how good they are. But, I’m going to put myself out there and back it up with video proof so that if and when my ranking gets pushed down because someone else is trying to outdo me, I’ve got a log of the top page I’ve ranked for.

About SEO

Summarizing SEO from Wikipedia, my explanation is that it’s all the steps taken to increase the visibility of a web page(s) in the search engines.

From articles I’ve read, it probably started some time in the 1990’s. It was very simplistic then and has evolved immensely over the years with Google becoming the prominent leader to follow and watch regarding changes in this area.

I consider search engine optimization a process. It’s a process with multiple paths that can lead to the desired results. Unfortunately, there are “bad” paths you can take, knowingly or unknowingly, to get to your desired result. And if you use the “bad” path, it can hurt your website visibility instead of improving it, regardless of whether it was intentional or not. This is important to know when hiring a consultant. Understand how your consultant plans to improve your website.

In the beginning, SEO was manipulated in what was considered “black hat” methods to increase website exposure. These were considered against the search engine’s rules or intention. “Black hat” methods still exist today in great numbers. It’s important not to be tempted into taking these routes to increase your web page’s visibility.

Google is actively applying checks in their algorithms and results to weed out results that are considered unethical, black hat, or just plain wrong for any numerous reasons.

Search engine optimization is an evolving topic that I believe will be relegated to artificial intelligence (AI). It’s already started. AI can produce content for you, analyze grammar, spelling, and fulfill other tasks needed to improve your results.

You can read some of the key topics of this in my SEO blog.

But, until it completely replaces people like me, feel free to contact me while I’m still useful 🙂

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